Fax Machine Problems

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You can encounter a lot of problems when using a fax machine.

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Problems with facsimile machines occur often and may not only ruin your day but have a negative effect on your professional and personal relationships; this is especially true if problems occur when you’re waiting for important facsimile. How would you react if you are waiting for a sales order confirmation or if you are busy finalising a contract for an important customer and the facsimile machine starts giving problems?

Facsimile machines are used to send a copy of images and text documents by way of modern telecommunication networks. With the relentless march of technology advancements facsimile machines has become smaller and cheaper some GSM devices even has a build in facsimile machine.

Although the reliability of facsimile machines has improved greatly some common problems still occur. The next section will explore some of the most common problems.

Fax Machine Troubleshooting

  • Incoming and outgoing problems

You may be having problems with sending or receiving faxes. Firstly check if the telephone cord is connected to your facsimile machine if this is so unplug the cord and make use of a telephone to check if there is dial-tone. If the problem is still not resolved you will have to call on the services of a technician.

  • Facsimile quality problems

Often you may find that the quality of facsimiles printed on the receiving end is of poor quality that is the images printed are too dark or light. This can be resolved by changing the density settings on your facsimile machine. Keep in mind that if the image is too light your toner cartridge may be low.