How fax email is turning offices paperless throughout South Africa

May 6, 2014 By In Fax to Email No Comment

In a drive to chase the paperless office ideal, many South African businesses are always in search of ways to be even less dependent on paper. In the past whenever an office received a fax, employees were unable to vet any incoming fax messages. This meant that whether it was a promotional fax, spam messages or an important document, it would need to be printed regardless. This is not the case with fax email solutions any longer.

Today, you can now vet all incoming faxes on your email. There is now no more need to print hardcopies of all fax messages and then decide whether it should be forward to different departments. All incoming fax messages can be forwarded to relevant departments or employees by simply forwarding your email.

Help your office go paperless with fax email

If it is a spam fax, you can simply delete it. If it needs to be posted to the whole office, you can simply forward it in a group email. These are only a few of the ways in which fax email helps to make the modern South African office a paperless environment. You will also save money on having to pay for a dedicated fax line for your business, and save on the maintenance and upkeep of your fax hardware.

Aside from this, the expensive consumables will also be negated. This leaves you able to spend all those resources which you spent on maintaining your conventional fax machine on other more important areas of your office.