Excessive Incoming Online Faxes

May 29, 2013 By In Blogstuff, Fax to Email Comments Off on Excessive Incoming Online Faxes

It makes perfect sense for businesses, large or small, to be able to direct incoming faxes to the appropriate person or department. This will cut down response times to faxes and maintain efficiency thus improving of customer satisfaction by knowing the end of line destination. It would be logical for companies to have individual fax numbers for the respective departments. This sadly, is not possible currently as service providers only supply one fax number. In any case, this would substantially increase expenses.

Fortunately, many of the online fax service providers can allow several email addresses for receipt at a single number. Certain service providers can assign between five and thirty email addresses for one number. Administrators need to research the capabilities of the various service providers and what is on offer, is it inclusive of main services as well as perks such as free fax to email and free fax. It is possible for each department (sales, HR, accounts etc.) to receive an internet faxes through the company’s fax number, this would still entail sorting.

A great advantage of online fax versus traditional is companies can easily integrate email clients into the overall faxing. Simply, any online fax number can send incoming faxes to a one email address. Administrators are then able via filtering tools re-route to the fax to the appropriate department. It’s possible for department administrators to set standard boundaries on forwarding as they feel necessary and yet not be restricted with an online cap on receivers email addresses. Use by staff sending an internet fax, email to fax or fax to email for private business should be monitored for excessive use.

Make a list of all of the most common people who contact a department. All of the online faxes sent to an administrative email address should include the senders fax number. Within the Gmail search box find the “Show Search” option expansion button and you should see what you need.

To stream line your staff’s functions in terms of work load it makes perfect sense to have as many sensible workable systems in place. An overworked depressed employee does not make for a happy company environment. The efficient happy employee just makes the day easier.