Email To Fax Services

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The increasing number of email to fax services that are available online like Email To Fax Review and Ez Fax  to mention but a few makes it very important to choose the right one. There is however a couple of things you must look out for when you are deciding which email to fax service to use.

  1. When sending a fax it is important to receive a delivery report, the delivery report will indicate whether or not your fax had been sent.
  2. Make sure that the email to fax service provider you choose isn’t hosted on a server with limited resources. The sending and receiving speed of the server is very important because any delays incurred with the sending or receiving of a fax e-mail may cause great inconvenience.
  3. Make sure to review the fax service online you want to join before actually joining.
  4. Customer support is very important. An online fax service must have a minimum of twelve hours support daily. It may be a good idea to test the companies’ responsiveness by enquiring about their services.
  5. Check with your service provider about the costs involved with fax to email facility. Mostly there is a monthly fee however in some instances there may be a per page fee in conjunction with an activation fee.
  6. Fax software may need to be installed before you are able to send a fax to email.
  7. Email to fax facility may be used at any time and any place which is one of the reasons online fax services is so popular.
  8. Most fax to email service providers offer a thirty day trial period. Make use of this trial period just to get a general idea of how the service functions.

How to use the email to fax service

  • In the To field of your email: This is the area that you would usually enter the email address into, enter the fax number of the person that you are sending the fax to.
  • After typing in the fax number add the “@ “symbol at the end followed by the service providers domain name.
  • Always use a comma as a separator in the event of multiple recipients.