Email To Fax Myths

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While more and more people are becoming familiar with the many benefits that the online faxing technology offers them, it is sad that there are stiEmail to Fax Mythsll many myths out there robbing people of the tons of benefits that this technology has to offer. In the interest of keeping you informed, this article will serve to debunk a few of the most popular myths still doing the rounds.

This email to fax technology has certainly transformed the way the world communicates once again. This is to say that people from all around the world can now send and receive their faxes using their email, completely for free. There is now no more need to queue in line to have your chance at the fax machine, nor is it necessary to pay for a dedicated fax line anymore!

There are many myths that are keeping people from experiencing the many benefits that online faxing has to offer. Here is the truth behind only a few of them:

  • Email 2 Fax is expensive: This is not the case in the least. In fact, fax to email is being touted as the free alternative to conventional ways of faxing. Thanks to the huge interest from consumers in this technology, you will easily be able to find many service providers online offering completely free fax to email services by the truck loads.
  • Emails 2 Fax are a difficult and complicated schlep: This is not the case at all. Sure, learning a new technology does take getting used to. However, if you are familiar with using email, then much of the battle is already won! Fax to email makes use of your email’s interface to operate entirely. This is to say that you can send and receive your faxes by using your email address any time of the day or night.
  • You can’t keep your fax to email number: This is again a faux and horribly incorrect myth. In the past when you moved neighbourhoods or cities you had to get a completely new fax number. With your  number you keep it for life and won’t ever need to change it, whether you move overseas or simply change cities.

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