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It would seem as though Gmail has risen to become one of the most popular of all internet email providers. This email service forms part of the incredibly powerful Google empire and people from all over the world make use of Gmail email accounts for both their personal and business communications. Thanks to new advancements in the industry fax services online are now effectively getting rid of the bulky fax machines that are used in homes and businesses all over the world. When you combine your Gmail account with a free fax2fax service then you have a very powerful communication tool at your beck and call.

There are a lot of service providers that you can use your Gmail account with that provides free fax to email services, like Email Fax Review  . However, finding the perfect provider to use with your Gmail account will be key in order for you to enjoy the maximum benefit from this great service. All you need to do is sign up with an online fax service in order to receive your lifelong free fax number. This fax number will then be associated with your Gmail email address and you will be able to send and receive faxes using the internet.
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Once you are registered with the service provider you can start sending and receiving your faxes. To send and receive fax to mail with Gmail, all you need to do is compose a new mail as you would with a new email message. In the recipient box you will enter the intended fax number instead of the email address. Attach the fax message you’d like to send to the recipient as a normal attachment to an email. Then, type in the subject and press send. It really is as simple as that.

In order to receive your faxes you will receive an email with an attachment. The attachment can then be viewed in PDF format and you will receive your internet to fax email in your inbox, from absolutely anywhere in the world. Benefit from this incredible technology and start saving money and time today.

How to Register for Fax to Email

Registering at one of these service providers for the fax to email service is relatively easy and most of these service providers offer fax to email services for free. As this service grows more popular service providers might start charging for the service so it is best that you make your move now. In South Africa your main Service providers are Telkom, Mweb and the cellphone networks.

You can contact any of these service providers and they are sure to help you. Once you have contacted them you will receive you free fax number that will associated with your email as already mentioned. You will need to provide the service provider with your email address so that they can activate the service.

If you are a business applying for the fax to email service you may want to register you company as a group and use designated fax emails. These email addresses will be only for faxes so that you can keep track of all faxes that are sent and received. If you are an individual from home that would like to register for this service you can use an existing email address.

The system is really simple and it sure beats standing at a fax machine for twenty minutes every tine that you want to send a fax. Faxes unfortunately will never fade away and the only way to fix the problem is register for this service so that your life is made that much easier. Accept what you can’t change and change what you cannot accept and your life will be that much easier.

Fax to email has already come along way and has been embraced by some of the world’s largest corporations. Don’t you think it about time you upgrade?

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