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internet faxFor many years employees have had to queue in line for the use of a fax machine. This contributed to quickly becoming a less than optimally functioning office. The reason for this is because employees had to wait for either one receiving or one outgoing fax. When you wanted to send a fax message you first had to dial the number and get a fax signal. The fax would then be fed to the machine one page at a painstakingly time and in this way be transmitted.

The same applied for when the fax was receiving a message. This meant that the fax machine could either only send or receive one fax at a time. Larger and busier offices had up to two or even more fax machines. This quickly contributed to the bottom line of the company. Nowadays people can send fax to email completely for free. This means that you don’t need to make use of a conventional fax machine to send or receive your faxes any more.

It also means you don’t need to invest and pay for a dedicated fax line, or have to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of your fax machine. A few other benefits of making use of free fax to email include:

  • Less consumables: Thanks to online fax services you won’t need to spend so much money on consumables any more. The reason for that is because in the past you never had any control over who sent you what faxes. The fax machine had to print each fax message before you could scan it. This meant that a lot of spam faxes were printed, leaving you footing the bill for things you never wanted.
  • Choose what to print: With the fax e-mail service you get to vet each incoming fax before you print it. This means you can easily read the fax on the PC, decide whether you simply can’t forward the message to the relevant person’s inbox and save paper, or whether you really need to print it.

These are only some of the many reasons why more and more people are starting to make use of the fax to mail service. For more information on internet faxing visit Fax365, Lan Fax or M-Fax.