Does Anybody Still Use Conventional Fax Machines?

April 19, 2013 By In Fax to Email Comments Off on Does Anybody Still Use Conventional Fax Machines?

The conventional fax machine that most of us are familiar with has been around for quite some time now. The first fax machine concepts were actually developed in the nineteen seventies and became a full production unit during the nineteen eighties. The fax machine from the eighties is generally considered to be a rather cumbersome and high consumption beast, consuming large volumes of ink and paper as well as energy in the form of electricity.

Today the twenty first century technology known as the internet has given rise to the drastic modification of a number of different technologies and inventions like the conventional fax machine. Fax to email or internet fax technology is the wave of the future and free fax to email servers has ostensibly replaced the conventional fax machine in many instances. This causes the question; does anybody still use conventional fax machines?

While free fax via the internet may be the new order of the day there are indeed still a number of businesses that maintain the conventional fax machine in their office premises. These conventional fax machines however are not anything like the original conventional fax machines form the nineteen eighties, the modern conventional fax machine is in fact a far cry from those old nineteen eighties originals and are also, like internet faxing, a product of the twenty first century.

The conventional fax machine of the twenty first century is a compact and formidable piece of equipment and while the original nineteen eighties fax machine could only fax, the modern fax machine is designed to do far more. The modern fax machine is an extremely compact and multi-functional machine capable of faxing, copying and printing.

These modern conventional fax machines are designed to be space saving and with a far smaller carbon foot print, they use less ink and less paper and while many companies are switching to fax to email or internet fax technology, many entities are still maintaining a conventional fax machine as well. Conventional fax sending is still used by most police departments for sending finger prints and many companies still use them for sending important documents that require signatures and so on.