DIY, Fax Machine Solutions

Although faxing is a dying form of business communication, due to the birth of information technology which includes email and instant messaging, there are still a lot of companies and households who make use of the fax machine. Most fax machines are said to be reliable, but wear and tear can also take place and cause problems for the user. In most cases the easiest option is to call a technician to come and sort the problem out, however the problem with this is that call outs or in most cases more costly than the problem itself.

Although there are many different models of fax machines, they all face a common problem, mostly associated to wear tear. The four main problems are highlighted in this article, as well as the solution to these problems.

Firstly there the multi-feeding through the document feeder, this when the feeder takes in more than one paper at a time, the solution is to open the feeder have a look and either turn the paper feeder around or if not you can phone your manufacturer and order a new feeder. Second problem is that the feeder is not taking the original document in. The cause is that your feeder roller is dirty and the solution is to clean it with some cotton wool and WD-40.

Another common problem is lines when faxes are printed. Solution is to make a copy on your fax, if there is a line print a journal, if there is only a line on the copy then it means your slit glass is dirty or has a stain on it. To clean the slit glass, lift the automatic feeder cover and find the small piece of slit glass, clean the glass with an alcohol swab and remove any tough stain or mark by scraping it off with your nail. The fourth common problem with a fax machine is that it keeps ringing without automatically answering itself. This is probably because the auto answer function is turned off, the solution is to turn it on and then test it.

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