Did You Get The Email I Sent?

I had an important deadline that had to be met during the December,Christmas time. My problem was, I was sitting on the beach in Lindeman Island soaking up the sun. yes I had my iPad and the work was done but we had a small problem. The document I was too send had to be sent to a fax machine, the person on the other side had to sign it and send it back to me. Then I had to sign it and eventually it had to be sent to my boss for him to sign. So we definitely had a problem. I was on the phone speaking to my boss explaining the problem. Next thing my son started shaking his hands and jumping around like he was stung by a bee. I asked the boss to hold on and asked the youngster what was wrong with him. He said, I’ve got a plan for your work. Trusting in what the youngster had to say I told the boss that the technology generation had a solution. I passed him the ipad and in no time at all he explained that he had downloaded a free fax to email service and an app called Docusign. Within minutes I sent the document to a fax machine, the document came back signed. I signed it with my finger and sent it to the boss! What would I do without the youngster? To learn about online online faxing visit www.faxingsocial.com.did you get the email i sent