Delights Of Internet Faxing

April 5, 2013 By In Fax to Email Comments Off on Delights Of Internet Faxing

Fax machines and the daily faxing of documents back and forth between sender and receiver were all the rage what seems like decades ago. People got excited when their fax machines beeped and documents started printing. Faxes and fax machines have been around for quite some time and they are still in use in some offices and private homes. However, email has conquered the world and all but taken traditional fax technology off the map for good.

Don’t write fax technology off just yet, however. It seems to be making a comeback in the form of internet fax technology. Since the concept of internet faxing or fax to email was thought up, many companies around the world including in South Africa switched over to a fax 2 email provider.

By doing this, companies are now able to fax confidential documents directly to the intended recipient’s email inbox, without ever having to worry about them falling into the wrong hands and important information landing up at the wrong company or recipien t.

Another great benefit to signing up with a fax to email service provider, is the ability to send and receive more than one fax at a time. This was something that could never be accomplished with a physical and traditional fax machine. At some point during the history of the traditional fax machine technology, some people thought it would be fun to waste several fax machine’s owners’ ink cartridges by sending through black pieces of paper to their fax machines. Internet fax technology completely obliterates this exceptionally annoying occurrence.

Email to fax or fax to email service providers also offer VoIP services these days. VoIP stands for voice over IP which creates the ability to make telephone calls online. This has become very popular even if the service is not terribly reliable all the time as opposed to fax to email services which are exceptionally reliable. Internet faxing offers off-line services as well, meaning that faxes are received even when the email server is not running. And what’s more, with fax to email, attachments can also be sent straight to the recipient’s email server.