David Has Never Been So Happy

June 6, 2013 By In Fax & Email, Fax to Email Comments Off on David Has Never Been So Happy

Back in the old days, school days that is. We used to have all these diffdavid has never been so happyerent people come in and do like inspiration talks and all that sort of thing. We once had a guy come in who had no limbs at all and he would move around on like a skate board type of thing. He spoke about not letting your disability ruin your life and by that he really didn’t. he had written a successful book, he did a lot of things that usually he would have needed help with. Then we had a guy who came in with one arm missing at the shoulder and the other arm was missing halfway down. He did a lot of creative stuff like painting with his feet and he was even able to type on a special keyboard with his feet. He also was learning to write with a pen in his mouth. My mother still teaches at that school and she told me he came to speak to the school again. I said awesome, has his story changed at all? What new stuff can he do.  My mom listed all the new stuff, this incredible man could do with his feet. Including one thing that blew me away completely. Apple have customized a special keyboard type of thing for disabled people. This man listed everything that I do from my iPad, downloads music, uses a free fax to email program, plays games and I almost forgot. He has a matt that was made for him by Sony where he is able to play, PS3. It’s unreal how people can inspire the world!