Businesses In Idaho Flooded With Faxes Containing “Nigerian Scams”

September 17, 2012 By In Fax to Email No Comment

Recently a number of businesses all over the Idaho region have been flooded with faxes containing what appears to be so called “Nigerian scams”. Even certain news corporations and broadcasters newsrooms were targeted. The so called “Nigerian scam” was identified as such by the Better Business Bureau, based on previous cases of similar faxed scams.

The origins of these so called “Nigerian scams” actually go way back to the nineteen eighties. At the time the president of Nigeria was Shehu Shagari, name was used in a letter that would be delivered to an unsuspecting victim. This letter would offer a substantial reward or share in a large sum of money, the person would need to help move this sum of money out of the country. The sender of the letter would usually claim to be a government official. Not all the letters would be the same; some letters would claim to be sent from a member of the Nigerian royal family or other high profile wealthy family. In exchange for helping these parties in moving vast sums of money out of the country the person would be well rewarded. The person whose help was being enlisted would need to send their bank account details in order to “safeguard the funds being transferred” as well as other private details such as social security numbers and so on. Some of these letters also in addition request funds from the victims, ostensibly to take care of taxes or administrative fees and the like.

Of course none of this is true but many people have fallen prey to these various scams and schemes. These fraudulent scam letters also move with the times and technology. Originally they were always letters, and then came faxes, emails and now even urgent text messages. One of the latest examples of these scam letters comes supposedly from the son of the recently deceased president of Ghana. This person asks for help in transferring his inheritance, worth millions of dollars to your country for the purposes of pursuing investment opportunities. To date millions of dollars have been lost to these various scam letters and faxes.

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