Business Fax Into The Internet Age

November 2, 2012 By In Fax, Fax to Email No Comment

There are many of you I am quite sure that have been considering dumping your old fax and getting “modern”. The thought of it is scary to say the least. How do I start, I hear you scream. Do not panic! It’s not that difficult. That’s assuming you have advanced from the age of the typewriter and have a computer of some sort.  So take a deep breath because what comes next is going to blow your mind. As a matter of fact I will be surprised if you don’t start kicking yourself because you didn’t make the switch earlier.

One really should do a fair amount of research first before jumping in, do not sign up with the first service provider that crosses your path. Speak to friends and family and see who and what they have got, but your best bet is to read online reviews there you can be sure to find the brutal honesty. If a person isn’t completely satisfied with the service they are receiving, believe me they are going to complain about it which works great to your advantage as it prevents you from making the same mistake. Find out what preparations they did in terms of the changeover such as sending out notices to customer and suppliers etc.

Online faxing services are many, such as and, but whether they are cost effective and provide you with everything you need such as the internet, fax to email and fax via mail are questionable. Check them out carefully get references before signing on the dotted line, certain online service providers look good on paper however when push comes to shove they are unable to deliver. Also be particularly vigilant to service providers that have limited resources, especially if you send and receive a lot of faxes.

Before you even consider a service provider make sure they have a customer support department. You do not want difficulties at the busiest time of the month or any time for that matter. That is quickest way to make everyone fed up, yourself and those trying to reach you such as customers with orders not only is it frustrating but there is a very real chance that you could potentially lose business and all that because your service provider has a poor customer service division. The service provider should provide you with a dedicate number for your use only, your designated online fax number should look something like this 9874563210@onlinefax (it should be a ten digit number followed by the name of the service provider). Preferably in terms of security find out if they have a facsimile pick up via their site and not by electronic mail, find out if it’s encrypted. Don’t worry if some of your contacts use the new internet fax methods.

You need to establish a storage method for incoming and outgoing faxes. Many now days prefer to go the paperless route make different files on your computer for storage. But if you’re still trying to fluff out those old methods you can always move over at a later stage once you’ve found your feet, keep in mind however the less paper you use for printing the more trees are saved. By making such a small change you help the environment in a big way also by saving your faxes on your hard drive there is no chance of them falling into the wrong hands plus you can keep several digital copies.

If you are still nervous about the changeover ask your service provider to come around to help you make sure on the set up. Any service provider worth their salt will not deny you and if that doesn’t work make use of the trial period that certain worthwhile service providers have made available it will afford you the opportunity to play around with the service to get a feel for it before you sign up and pay for a service. Talking about paying for a service there are free fax services alternatives available online that will not cost you anything, if you are looking to save on costs you may want to look into these.