Benefits Of Using An Email To Fax Service

June 28, 2012 By In Fax to Email, Technology No Comment


• Sending faxes to multiple recipients:
One of the biggest benefits of using an email to fax service would be the fact that one can send a fax to many different fax numbers easily and efficiently. You can build and manage contact lists on your computer so that sending out faxes to these lists of recipients needn’t take up much time at all. Just a few clicks and you would be done.

• Never-busy fax numbers:
One of the more frustrating occurrences is when you do not receive a fax because your fax number is busy receiving a different fax at that moment. Choosing to use never busy fax numbers with your email to fax service would mean that you would never miss a fax again. You can receive multiple faxes at the same time without any problem at all.

• Auto credit replenishment:
Many email to fax services allow users to select an auto credit replenishment option which will ensure that your account is topped up a certain amount of credits every time your balance drops below a particular amount. This can save you a lot of time and hassle.

• Cell phone fax notifications:
Many email to fax services are able to keep you posted via instant and up to the minute cell phone fax notifications.

• Accurate and informative fax records:
Many businesses send and receive a lot of faxes and keeping track of these can be quite a challenge. Many fax to email services allow will provide users with an accurate and detailed account of all the faxes sent and received via every fax number.

• Keeping your existing fax number:
One of the main reasons why many businesses are reluctant to switch to using an email to fax service is because they do not want to change their existing fax number. It should be noted that there are many service providers that will allow businesses to keep their fax number.

• Quick and simple set up:
Many email to fax services are extremely easy to set up there. There are no extra software downloads that you need to download and install in order to use this service.