Benefits Of Fax To Email

April 22, 2013 By In Entertainment, Fax to Email Comments Off on Benefits Of Fax To Email

faxThere are numerous benefits of using fax to email as compared to the traditional fax machine. Your business can take advantage of these benefits by converting to online faxing and save on time and money.

Firstly, it is very cost effect to choose an online fax service over a fax machine. There will be no need to pay a fax bill every month, no need to buy special fax paper and ink and no need to pay for maintenance and repairs for the fax machine. Online faxing does not require any of these items. All received documents will be saved in your email’s inbox and print outs will only be done when necessary. This is unlike a fax machine that requires that all incoming faxes be printed out in order to be read.

In addition to the above, you will save on your telephone bill. You will only pay for internet connection, which is generally cheaper than telephone and faxing services.

The second benefit of email to fax is that is a more secure. When a document comes through on a normal fax machine, anyone who is standing by it can read it. This becomes an issue when a confidential fax has been sent. If you are using fax to email, your private documents can be sent to your inbox and no one else will be able to see and read the documents. Also, you can securely save the documents on your computer. When you need to retrieve it, you can simply do so from your computer instead of having to go through various file cabinets at your office.

Thirdly, fax to email is an efficient form of sending and receiving faxed documents. Several documents can be sent at the same time without any problems online. With a fax machine, it can become jammed if too many faxes are coming in at the same time. Also, if the line is busy, there may be a delay in the sending or receiving of a fax. Internet fax will always ensure that faxes come through with no problems and they can easily be retrieved via your email’s inbox.

In addition to the above, each person in the office can have their own online faxing account. This will mean employees do not spend time at the fax machine trying to figure out how it works or waiting for the line to become free in order for them to send a fax.