Benefits Of Fax To Email

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Like telephones, cell phones and the internet, the introduction of fax to email has changed the way people and businesses communicate. In today’s society, missing an important document because you were “out of the office” is simply not a viable excuse.
There are countless reasons why fax to email can be such a huge benefit to your life, and Comfax is leading the way. Here are a few of the many benefits of fax to email.

• Lower Costs
With fax to email, there is no need for paper, ink, toner, expensive hardware, maintenance or telephone line rentals. The only items you need in order to send and receive faxes is a computer, internet access and an email address.

• Mobile
With fax to email, you can be reached anywhere in the world at any time, as long as you have internet access. That means no more waiting around the office fax machine to receive documents, as they will all be emailed to you. If you have your email set up on your smart phone and a PDF reader, you can even access your faxes from your phone.

• Suitable for Any Sized Business
Comfax offers many options to suit your company’s specific needs, no matter the size of your business. You can set up multiple fax to email accounts, you can set up a fax to PC, you can even set up Comfax’s unique VBC. More information on VBC is available on the VBC section of the Comfax website.

• Private
Fax machines are usually shared between multiple people in an office, and this can be a problem when the documents being sent or received are confidential or sensitive. With fax to email, you are able to set up exactly who can access faxes, ensuring your privacy.

• Save Space
Because all faxes can be stored electronically, it means you will save space for filing documents.
All faxes can be printed when they need to be, ensuring that no important documents get lost or damaged. Because they are stored in your email, hardware issues with your computer won’t affect the security of your faxes.