Are You Really Into Online Faxing?

May 30, 2013 By In Business, Fax to Email Comments Off on Are You Really Into Online Faxing?

Faxing has been a means of communication for ages for many businesses today it still is. The fact of the matter is that most businesses are hesitant to make the switch from old fashioned faxing to the modernized online faxing because people don’t trust what they don’t know. This article will show you exactly how fax to email works as well as the advantages, we provide you with the information and you decide whether or not you are ready for online faxing.

How Online Faxing Works
You do not need a fax machine to send a fax or receive one for that matter. By using online faxing you will be able to send a fax to a fax machine via the internet. You simply scan the document onto your PC select the scanned document enter the fax number and send it is similar to sending a email.

You may also receive a fax on your PC; this is the reverse of fax to email. As soon as you sign up for an online faxing service you are assigned a unique fax number, people will send all faxes to this number, the fax message is sent on to a online portal that is easily accessible via you PC. From this point onwards it is up to you whether or not to print the fax or to leave it on your PC.

Various Online Faxing Services
There are numerous online faxing service providers available, some of these service providers require a monthly fee others charge per fax that is sent and then there are those that offer free fax to email services. The free variety will place some sort of advertisement on the fax as compensation for their generosity.

Certain online faxing services supply their clients with an account that delivers faxes directly into a clients email inbox, making it that much easier to receive and view faxes.

Advantages of online faxing
The best advantage offers is that you don’t have to own a traditional fax machine, you don’t need to spend a substantial amount of money to buy a special fax machine, there is no additional phone line required and there is no shocking phone bill at the end of the month, you will also save a lot of money on faxing paper and toner cartridges.

Apart from this you will be able to use this type of faxing method together with other online communications methods.