Advantages Of Fax To Email

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When it comes to fax to email technology, there are a lot of advantages to it.  Convenience is at the order of the day since you don’t have to wait for millions of pieces of paper to spew forth from the traditional old fax machine.  These days you can receive your urgent faxes right in your email inbox.  And what’s more, you can receive your fax to email service on your smart phone as well, increasing efficiency, convenience and turnaround times for work-related emails. You can enjoy these benefits, when you sign up at

This means that a lot of time will be saved as long fax queues are eliminated. Internet to fax services are very efficient as the faxes are sent via the internet.  The element of privacy is well enhanced with a fax to email service.  There are no unauthorised people looking at your private faxed because you alone will get instant access to them. If you are in the HR department of a company, just think how much more privacy you will obtain by making use of fax to email technology.  It does happen that when confidential documents are faxed to a public fax machine in for instance, an open plan office, they sometimes fall into the wrong hands.  The chances of this happening with a fax to email service is absolutely zero.  In addition to this you can also have your documents protected by password or even use an encryption service for extra security.

You will also save a lot of money as you won’t have any unnecessary phone lines to run a fax machine on and you will not use as much paper.  Traditional fax machines in medium sized offices go through at least three reams of paper per day.  By eliminating the amount of paper usage in your home and office, you are also doing your own personal bit for the environment. In addition to this you will also save a lot of money on ink cartridges.  This is especially helpful for companies that have not gone totally paperless yet.  One might not realise it every day, but even just 10 faxes coming through every day, really takes its toll on the ink. And it is common knowledge that ink cartridges are exceptionally expensive.  On top of all of these benefits, you will also have extra space in the office.  Perhaps a water cooler can take the place of a bulky fax machine?

And obviously you will save a lot of personal energy.  No more walking up and down to the fax machine and waiting for faxes to get through. When you receive faxed in your email inbox, you will be able to distribute the communication to other recipients via email.  Which means you don’t have to print the fax out. In the long run, this will add to the productivity of employees as a whole.  There will be no unnecessary walking around by anyone anymore, meaning the time saved can be put to good productive use.
If you are sending a fax from one email address to another, you can attach multiple documents at the same time, meaning one message is send with a lot of attachments.  This works much the same way as your general email platform.  This is not the case with a traditional fax machine, as you can only feed through one page at a time, which is very time consuming and inefficient.

Fax to email services are provided at very minimal or even no cost and most of these services support Excel, Word and Powerpoint functions.  Fax to email is very easy to use and can the service can be installed in minutes. Fax to email services are never offline, unless your internet service gets interrupted.  One of the best benefits of fax to email services is that faxes come through even if you when your computer is off.  This is not possible with a traditional fax machine, as the faxes will simply not be delivered.  Most fax to email providers have dedicated client service centres that will be able to assist you with any troubleshooting and most of them are available twenty four hours of the day.

More Advantages

The advantages of using the fax to email system can be easily found just about anywhere you look. From the lower costs and time saving, to the eco-friendly aspect, there are many reasons to use fax to email and very few not to.

When it comes to cost saving, this is on everyone’s mind, but though it is a priority, it is difficult to do. Luckily, with online fax to email, it becomes easier. Since you will never again have to buy a fax machine, service or repair the machine, buy paper or ink or rent a phone line for your fax machine, your costs will be significantly lowered.

Want to take your fax machine with you? You can’t do it unless you fax from the internet. The idea of faxing on the go is one that many people don’t think about but there can be no doubt that it would make doing business easier. With a smartphone, tablet device or laptop connected to email, you don’t need to worry about where you are and how your faxes will get to you ever again.

You can easily get started by visiting or E fax.

One of the biggest benefits of online faxing is that is can be suited to any business. From those larger businesses that send and receive hundreds of faxes a day to the smaller ones that only need to send one or two, there is a package that suits everyone. With a physical fax machine, you would have to spend the same as a bigger company. As for security, online fax services are actually more secure than conventional fax because the faxes come straight to your email inbox instead of sitting in a tray where anyone could read them.

You can also play a part in saving the environment using these services, since there is less wastage of paper, ink and electricity. With all of this knowledge about how much easier it is to go online and use these services, it is a wonder that many people still cling stubbornly to their old fashioned faxes and refuse to move into the new millennium. Sadly, they will losing out.

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