Advantages Of a Laser Printer

December 18, 2012 By In Fax to Email, Printing & Faxing No Comment

PrinterDue to current laser printer prices the question has often been asked whether or not a laser printer truly has sufficient advantages to justify the amount of money spent to purchase it? In order for you to make an informed decision here is a list of the many advantages that you will receive from a laser printer.

  • A laser printer is known for its speed with an average printing speed of 45 ppm (page per minute) for normal text documents and 28ppm for colour image documents. In addition a laser printer will have you printing within 7 seconds from start up. The reason for the laserjet printer’s speed is the fact that it does not print a section of the document at a time like its predecessors. A laser printer is capable of printing an entire document at once, this is made possible because the laser beam moves extremely fast which allows it to transfer the data onto paper at an incredible speed.
  • A laser printer has the ability to replicate an image with perfect precision reducing the risk of blurred images or spilled ink.
  • Colour laser printers offer great creative design possibilities. Imagine being able to print business cards, posters or invitations in your home or office without having to pay a commercial printer to do the job for you. In addition you may also brand promotional items and stationary with your business logo.
  • Laser printers are available for purchase as a standalone machine or as part of an all in one system that includes a fax, print, scan and copy ability. The all in one version uses the same paper and cartridges as the standalone version saving you money that would usually have been spent on the purchase of different ink / toner cartridges as well as different paper.
  • Laser printers are capable of serving the needs of a medium workgroup. Laser printers may operate for longer periods of time before having to be refilled with paper or have a cartridge changed.

Considering the advantages mentioned above it can surely be agreed upon that even though the initial purchase of a laser printer may be pricey in the long run the price will seem miniscule in comparison to the service you will receive.