A Guide To Buying The Best Printer

Buying a printer can be tricky but asking yourself a few good questions can often make it easier. The first thing you should ask yourself is do you already have another printer or is this one going to be the only one? If the answer is that this will be the only printer then you should consider getting a printer that can perform the most functions for the price, if you already have a printer then perhaps this one should be a specialist printer for a specific function.

Whilst on the subject of multi functionality, ask yourself what your specific needs are, if you need a printer to scan, fax, print and emails then go for the model with the most functionality for the lowest price. If on the other hand you simply need a printer to print basic black and white then go for the cheapest printer you can find with lower functionality but with high enough quality.

If you need a laser printer for a very specific purpose like scanning then it is a good idea to look for a printer model with the best scanning features first instead of looking at overall features look for specific ones relating to your specific needs.

A v ery important point is to consider your budget limits, there is no point going out and looking at great printers that are beyond your budgetary limits or even requirements for that matter. In many instances you will most likely find a printer slightly beyond your budget but often there may be a discount offer involved that will still put it within reach, also consider printer type, ink jet printers need cartridges which will be a monthly expense.

Lastly think about what the printer will end up costing you to run from one month to the next, if the printer is heavy on ink then it will most likely not be a cost effective printer to run on a monthly basis so look for the printer with the lowest monthly running costs from Konica Minolta.